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Логотип Агралог 11The company "First Agrarian Logistics" is organized in 2015 and is a dynamically developing enterprise in the transportation industry. When creating our company, we were guided by an irresistible desire to radically change the domestic transport services in the the agricultural sector.

The collective of our company strives to improve the processes that occur every day in our company.

We strive for quality, mutual understanding and correctness in cooperation with all stakeholders, ensuring a high level of service quality, while ensuring confidence and reliability for each client.

The company "Agrarian Logistics" in its work uses the latest developments in the field of information technology and logistics, which allows you to plan and organize the transportation of agricultural cargo in the most efficient and timely manner while ensuring optimal results, which is the key to mutually beneficial cooperation.  logo

Together with the company "GLC" (Global Logistic Control), we develop and implement modern software that allows you to efficiently manage transport during transportation.

We always respond to requests to us and take into account all the wishes of the client and, of course, are ready to discuss all possible options for solving the tasks in order to ensure the most mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our credo is a reliable partnership in agricultural business.
Our mission is quality service of agricultural transportation.
Our goal is to meet the transportation needs of our partners.
We look forward to working with you !!!

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